Alpha Bruton

Alpha Bruton completed her studies in Art Education and the Teachers Credential Program in 1990, at California State University, Sacramento campus. In 2001 she completed her studies in the Masters of Art in Administration Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Formal training in studio art, art education, dance production, theater arts, and art gallery management gives Bruton the foundation to manage art educations programs. As an art consultant, she is the chief curator for the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, creating temporary alternative exhibition spaces for installation artists in empty storefronts, and she works for the Department of Cultural Affairs' Chicago Artists Resource as the marketing outreach coordinator. She is a teaching artist for Shanti Foundation for Peace, Gallery37/ArtScape, and her profile is listed in the Illinois Arts Council's Arts in Education roster.

Bruton's current inspiration comes from traveling and experiencing the events of which she has transferred to the canvas. In the past, she has conceptualized works based on social issues, as well as themes that were realized from group discussion. She has created installation work that demands that the audience confront the issues, or made work that is representational and provocative in nature. What inspires her most is feeling that she has a social responsibility as an artist to record history, to thrust awareness about the earth and about life around us to the viewer, and to cast another perspective toward the world.

"Elements: a Struggle for a Community," was her first solo installation of life-sized sculptures in site specific spaces. "Elements" addresses issues of transculturalization — when communities merge together through solidarity. This project was installed in the Jovenes INC Art Park in Los Angeles, in collaboration with a photographic slide presentation of participants living in Los Angeles' Echo Park, Hollywood, Pico Union, and Westlake communities. "White Washed African American: Two Steps forward, Two Steps Backward" is another site-specific installation which was in the lobby of KVIE Public Television Station in Sacramento, California. It was created for a group exhibition entitled "African American Art: Art from the African Diaspora."

Her current series is "Positive Vibrations," a collective of artwork that is a tribute to cultivating sacred space garden installations. The images of Lilith the Wind Goddess, a temptress throughout time, is painted as such to show her eyes watching and waiting behind different vibra- keys. Her eyes watch the observer, using the presence of the third eye to watch the viewer watch and explore the canvas in which she has executed symbols of vibra-keys. She also is working with vibrational music, developing compositions to use in her paintings. Recently she has revisited her living sculpture performance art, which combines art installations with performance art and improvised music.

Alpha Bruton is collaborating with Staajabu, Caryl Henry Alexander, Jesse Alexander, and Erin Obradovich, on a project which is being performed at Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center on October 10.