Bill MacKay

Guitarist-composer Bill MacKay is a native of Pittsburgh who has recently performed across Chicago with his groups Broken Things, Darts & Arrows and in various ad-hoc adventures.

His recordings include "Bill MacKay & Sounds of Now" (Self-Titled, 2005), "Broken Things/Swim to the River" (2007), and "Colorlist" (2007). About "Broken Things/Swim to the River," Paolo Peviana (All About Jazz/Italy) writes, "A very interesting is difficult to categorize, and then it has shades of rock, while maintaining an absolutely integral balance. Not a small feat. The compositions are interesting, very articulate, rhythmically varied...joyful and elegant ... it's an album one listens to with pleasure, whose melodies are immediate but never banal, and that easily stay impressed in the memory of the listener."

Bill feels fortunate to have collaborated with so many great humans here in Chicago during the last decade. He also writes, studies language, and works on cutting funding for all types of war. Visit his myspace page via to keep up with ongoing plans and projects.

Bill MacKay is performing with Hamadal Issoufou and Jamie Topper at Heaven Gallery on October 11.