Boo Cook

UK graphic artist Boo Cook began working in comics in the year 2000 for the legendary British weekly 2000AD. He has drawn many of the magazine's iconic characters, including Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, and the ABC Warriors. He also draws these and other characters for the monthly Judge Dredd Magazine. His innovative blend of traditional hand drawn art with cutting edge computer techniques has made him a fan favorite and an influential figure on a generation of artists.

Boo has recently crossed over into the U.S. market, a feat which has previously been accomplished by only the top level of British graphic artists. He currently works on Elephantment and other Image Comics, and he has been the cover artist for several different titles from Marvel Comics. When he isn't actively drawing, Boo plays drums and records with his band Mezzcode.

Boo Cook will be creating a new graphic work in real time as Chicago contrabassist Karl E. H. Seigfried improvises a new musical work for solo bass, at Elastic Sound & Vision Gallery on October 3. Cook has discovered a way to attach a camera to his pen for a super-close-up view of his drawing technique; live video of Cook's active drawing will be streamed from the UK and projected on a screen behind Seigfried as he plays live in Chicago. For a sampling of Cook's innovative artwork, visit For audio samples of Seigfried's solo bass work, please visit