Eric Glick Rieman

Eric Glick Rieman is known for his manipulations of the Rhodes electric piano, and he will be performing on a deconstructed / reconstructed instrument. Using rocks, marbles, and other non-traditional means of triggering sounds (as well as the keyboard), his instrument becomes an access point into an edgy world of experimentation. (He will also be performing on the piano, in venues where one is available.) Glick Rieman has previously worked with Fred Frith, Lesli Dalaba, Stuart Dempster, and Carla Kihlstedt, and performed the work of Phil Minton, Olivia Block, Meredith Monk, and Terry Riley as a member of the Mills College Contemporary Performance Ensemble.

Eric Glick Rieman is performing with Jeff Albert, Dan Godston, Joel Wanek, and Marcus Evans at Peter Jones Gallery on October 8; with Fred Anderson, Josh Abrams, and Tim Daisy at the Velvet Lounge on October 9; with Douglas Ewart and Ann Ward at Little Black Pearl on October 10; and with Renée Baker and David Boykin at Heaven Gallery on October 11.