Erin Teegarden

Erin Teegarden is the co-founder, co-organizer and emcee of the Reconstruction Room. Teegarden received an MFA from the University of Pittsburgh in poetry and a BA from Indiana University in journalism. Currently she teaches Literature at Columbia College and English Composition at AIU Online. She is the founder and former managing editor of the University of Pittsburgh's first online literary journal, nidus. She is a former recipient of the Associated Writing Programs' "Intro Journals Award," and her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in: pms (poemmemoirstory), Conte Online, nanomajority, Lorraine and James, the Bellingham Review, Eye-Rhyme, Sunspinner, Poetry Motel, Liberty Hill Poetry Review, and Pittsburgh's City Paper, among others.

Erin is collaborating with Della Watson and Eric Cressley, on a project which is being performed at Black Rock Pub & Kitchen on October 1.