Glenn Weyant

Glenn Weyant is a sound sculptor, instrument designer, welder, baker, educator and journalist based in Tucson, Arizona. His instruments of original design include The Kestrel 920, Spokes and Sound, The Blu-Blu and The Nailed Board, all of which exploit, amplify and broadcast micro- vibrations created by bowing, plucking, strumming, drumming and instrument specific manipulation.

Weyant's work playing the US and Mexico border wall with a cello bow and implements of mass percussion (The Anta Project) has been downloaded by listeners in over 80 countries, has received national/local radio play in both The United States and Germany, and has been translated into five languages. For more information, images and sounds visit

Glenn Weyant is performing with Eric Leonardson, Matt Weston, & Michael Erzen's artbot at Peter Jones Gallery on October 8.