Steve Barsotti

Steve Barsotti is a sound artist and educator who lives in Seattle yet sorely misses the food from his native city, Chicago. He has ventured into various approaches to art making including photography, printmaking, performance, invented instruments, improvisation, object recording, location recording, phonography, electro-acoustic- pull-strange-sounds- from-everyday-objects, and there is sure to be more. The common thread has always been a close examination of easily bypassed details, images from angles that you would not normally see, sounds that can only be heard through contact mics and amplification, sonic qualities of materials that are used in everyday life.

He is a currently a member of the Seattle Phonographers Union, a field recording wielding group of improvisers. The Union is described as "moving beyond habitual experience of sound and uncover what is foreign in the familiar and familiar about the foreign; to explore what we hear and relearn what we know." They have been performing together for five years. (

His previous life in Chicago involved him in various organizational activities including In the Eye of the Ear, an organization dedicated to the promotion of artists who use sound as a primary medium of expression, where he co-curated and co-produced several festivals under that name. He was an original member of W.A.L.K., a collective of artists that did performance and installation work outside the traditional white wall gallery setting. Their performances were durational in nature, sometimes lasting for weeks. They performed in an abandoned department store, a park field bath house, and in a 13th century observatory in Vilnius, Lithuania. He worked with Experimental Sound Studio for over six years, for the promotion of innovative sound art in Chicago. There he worked as manager of their recording facilities; a freelance recording engineer; an instructor in technical and conceptual workshops; and a volunteer for various projects associated with ESS, such as the Chicago Soundscape Project, the Sounds from Chicago Radio Program, and "BONES," a CD series that showcases work by Chicago-based sound artists.

Steve Barsotti and Eric Leonardson are performing at Heaven Gallery on October 4.